I recently scored a copy of Marc Bolan’s coveted book of poetry The Warlock of Love, which was originally published by Lupus Music in 1969. The timing is incredible as the book just celebrated its 50th anniversary on the 15th of this month! It was published one year prior to Tyrannosaurus Rex’s re-branding as the glam rock outfit known as T. Rex. In 1969, Tyrannosaurus Rex were an acoustic psychedelic folk band, but they would quickly take the world by storm with the release of their single “Ride a White Swan” the following year. The track reached #2 in the charts, and is widely considered to be the catalyst of the glam rock era. “Trextasy” and “Bolanmania” were just some of the terms used by the press to describe the fame that Marc would experience for the next few years…but more on that in a future post!

I was ecstatic to finally get the chance to add this to my collection, as this book is relatively difficult to come by. Besides a limited 1992 reprint commissioned by the Tyrannosaurus Rex Appreciation Society, this book has been out of print since its original release! Copies of the book often come up for sale for exorbitant prices, and copies in good condition are exceedingly difficult to come by.


I had been looking for a copy of this book ever since I heard of its existence. As a fan of Bolan’s exceptional lyricism, I knew I had to get my hands on his poetry book. Fittingly, I came across this book in the most exceptional of ways. I was recently chatting with someone on Instagram about T. Rex and he showed me some posts from someone selling T. Rex items on Facebook, and one of these was the book! He was nice enough to put me in contact with her and it finally made its way into my collection! I just love the way music brings people together in the strangest of ways.

Anyway, I recently asked my followers on Instagram if they’d like me to share some poems from The Warlock of Love. I finally got around to reading it (I set aside a whole night for this, as it was truly an experience!) and thought I would share some of my favourites, as unfortunately these poems are not widely available. Marc Bolan was a unique soul who accomplished so much in his limited time on Earth, and I feel that more people should enjoy his poetry, which is why I’ll be sharing some of his poems. Hopefully this book gets its long-awaited repress soon!


Remember to always keep a little Marc in your heart. xx

The photo below is the last poem in the book. The last lines are particularly incredible and are fitting for Marc’s career.

And now where once stood solid water
stood the reptile king,
Tyrannosaurus Rex, reborn and bopping.

…a true glimpse of what was to come for Marc in the 70s.


Note: All poems by Marc Bolan (Mark Feld). First published by Lupus Music in 1969.